Personal Loan Notice is tailored towards personal loans, however, we also work with lenders who offer other short-term loans (commonly referred to as payday loans) so that we can help consumers with varying types of creditworthiness. Upon accessing we will attempt to direct you to a personal loan offer. Unfortunately, not all consumers meet the criteria established by personal loan lenders, in which case, we may direct you to a short-term lender (including possibly a tribal lender). Historically, the vast majority of users presented with a loan offer are only presented with a short-term lending option between $100 - $1,000. Short-term loans have less favorable rates and shorter terms than personal loans. If you are connected to a tribal lender, please understand that the tribal lender's rates and fees may be higher than state-licensed short-term lenders. Additionally, tribal lenders may require you to agree to resolve any disputes in a tribal jurisdiction. We encourage you to research the best loan option for your situation.